Every disadvantage has its advantage

“Every disadvantage has its advantage” – Johan Cruijf

In Belgium, approximately 10% of the pear plots can be irrigated and in the Netherlands an estimated 50%.

Early harvest of smaller pears

As a result of the persistent drought, the non-irrigated orchards and orchard on drier soils will produce smaller pears and the fruit will sooner be ripe. These plots should be picked earlier this year than normal. The pears from these early harvested orchards will not be able to store for a long period, because there is too much risk for yellow pears and internal brown.

It will be a year to organize many promotions in the first half of the sales season, with an emphasis on taste.

“Every disadvantage has its advantage”, according to Johan Cruijff

The extraordinary hours of sunshine and high temperatures will result in high brix levels with an exceptionally good tasting Conference pear this year.

From the past, we know that in years with higher brix contents, the sales are easier because the consumer puts more Conference pears in his shopping cart.

It will be a fantastic Conference pear year again!