About Us

It’s all in the name. Specialization in and focus on Conference Pears.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we have the most favorable climate in the world to grow Conference Pears.

A pear that you can eat at all stages of maturation and available 12 months per year.

Within the group, all growers are at least Globalgap certified, additional certifications on request.

Because most of the growers can irrigate and fertigate, we can guarantee a maximum production and quality.

You, our (potential) customer, are assured of a constant supply during 12 months per year. Guaranteed quality fruit and /or bigger sized pears available 52 weeks of the year.

Self-evident we can offer Conference Pears in all possible packaging, from bins to 1-layer with a customized label and from 1kg punnets flowpack till 1-layer packed pear.

Smart-Snacking can give a huge boost to the sales and consumption of Pears.

Via social media, we support the consumption of Conference Pears and through micromarketing we increase sales for our clients.

Long-term price agreements are possible as well as weekly pricing.”